About Us

Virtual medical billing diligently routes the focus of healthcare providers toward high growth, timely decision-making, and patient-centered care. It is a continuous effort to translate cross-industry expertise from management, healthcare, and technology into tangible value for healthcare practitioners about medical billing.

It aims to bring simplicity, speed, and transparency to the business side of healthcare. Via stringent quality checks, process transparency, and structured workflows. At the core of its technology-enriched RCM services is the desire to make healthcare provision efficient, transparent, and effective for all stakeholders.


We serve our clients by recognizing the fact that providers need help with the mountain of paperwork they are buried under. With time, providers struggle to get paid for their services, and often, the money they do get is less than they deserve. Our team includes 40 years of collective experience in handling medical billing and collections, and we know how to get the best possible payment out of insurance companies.

Why Choose Us

  • 100% HIPAA complaint process
  • 99% claims payment on initial submission
  • Increased efficiency owing to a certified coding team
  • Reduced operating costs and staffing issues
  • Denial management
  • Quick response and answers to any billing query
  • Dedicated practice manager for every practice to ensure streamlined communication
  • Timely payment posting

Growth & Expansion Of Your Practice

We work hard to ensure that we stay on top of what we do best. We aim to help our clients understand what truly differentiates us from other similar establishments, and how our technical expertise will make a significant difference in our clientele’s Medical and Healthcare practices.

We realize that healthcare providers face numerous challenges as they deal with the complexities of medical billing operations. Our qualified Medical Billing team is prepared to handle all aspects of the medical billing process, such as related procedures, vital tasks, and critical functions.

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