AR Management

AR and denial management the protracted receivables cycle delays income, disrupts cash flow, exhausts billing employees, and complicates financial management for healthcare providers. Some factors, such as incorrect and proper claim denials, exacerbate the situation. Our AR and Denial Management services may considerably enhance this procedure. Our team’s primary purpose is to ensure correct claim reimbursement.

Account Receivable Management is made up of several procedures. They want to find denied or unpaid claims, re-file them and reduce A/R days and aging claims. Long receivables cycles cause revenue delays, disrupt cash flow, exhaust billing staff, and annoy financial management. These factors are exacerbated by both accurate and incorrect claim denials.


Denial Management

The majority of rejections are due to human mistakes. We follow down on your denials and examine and resolve them swiftly as part of our appeal procedure. The most prevalent reason for rejections is data mistakes or missing information. Each code is categorized according to its category and the person responsible for it. We follow a roadmap for effective denial resolution, taking into consideration the criteria required for obtaining reliable, usable data – this allows us to notify rejections on time and detect account modifications.

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