Best Medical Billing Services

We provide the Best Medical Billing Services and proficient services to Medical Providers. Our services are inclined towards taking care of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) allowing healthcare and medical facilities to focus on their patients.

In this industry, reputation is everything and we have established that we will fight for every last dollar for our clients.

Medical Billing & Coding

Claims submission won’t be a problem because we don’t just enter data as all the relevant aspects of correct claim submission are reviewed thoroughly that includes charges and demographics.  Integrity checks are being applied to effectively overcome any problem and timely corrective actions to ensure practice health is not compromised.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Effective RCM is imperative for practice growth and we as a team strive for improvements in key functional areas which can result into productive streamlined processes.

Credentialing Services

Properly licensed and fruitful medium for the payers to get paid is the requirement of your practice and to fulfill this it’s mandatory to have an organized credentialing process in place. At VRMBS we make sure of error-free filing of paperwork and endorse you by providing credentialing services that can help you achieve your enrollment needs.

Our team of experts acts as a bridge between providers and payers to timely administer credentialing concerns and smooth the transition of enrollment. We deal with all types of medical and nonmedical specialties with years of experience behind our backs to get you enrolled with the requested payer.

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AR & Denial Management

Rejected claims from insurance require intensive knowledge to overcome the barriers to getting the claims paid.  Timely action on rejected claims and a properly strategized process of working on Account Receivable are what we offer to our clients so that the revenue is not affected. Insurance may deny the claims for different reasons like incorrect billing, coding, lack of information, etc. AR follow-up with insurance to overcome the obstacles in a timely manner via call/email by taking corrective actions for quick payment of claims.

Eligibility Benefit & Verification

The main reason for denied claims includes incorrect eligibility verification and also benefits of patients not covered by the provider plan. Our VOB team works on the predetermination of patient benefits and figuring out the correct carrier plan which ultimately results in increased reimbursement and a reduction of denied claims.

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Authorization & Referral Management

Insurances tend to deny claims and reject the payment if prior authorization is not received. Some contractors show ineligibility and deny patient billing which ultimately results in a loss of revenue. Referral Management is very important and it streamlines direct communication between doctors basically include specialist, primary care physicians, and health care providers

Website Development & Marketing

Digital solutions are a need of the modern world and very important to promote business, we can design a custom website for you which will clearly meet the needs of your business and help capture the right target audience. Promote your business with our team of marketing experts who will increase the reach of your business in potential markets and promote business growth.

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