Revenue Cycle Management

At VRMBS, we know the importance of revenue cycle management and helping healthcare professionals achieve sustainable financial performance. Our Practice Management services ensure timely reimbursement and improve billing, coding, and A/R efficiency to help your organization reach its goals of financial stability and profitability. It is difficult to sustain corporate growth when rules change, coding systems change, and overall business strategy changes. The adoption of RCM concepts is required for effective medical management. They will enable higher patient satisfaction and decreased medical care expenses.


RCM Services

We provide a comprehensive range of RCM services to assist healthcare providers in meeting their objectives. Our solutions have the greatest potential to improve your revenue cycle.

  • Improve your insurance follow-up and denial management to boost income.
  • To achieve a high-performing revenue cycle, implement a uniform quality training program.

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the financial process used by healthcare institutions to track patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling through the final payment of a debt using medical billing software. RCM connects administrative and clinical data, such as a patient’s identity, insurance provider, and other personal information, with the treatment a patient receives and their healthcare data.

Communication with health insurance companies is an important aspect of RCM. When a patient makes an appointment, the physician’s office or hospital personnel usually double-checks the patient’s claimed insurance coverage before the visit. A healthcare practitioner or coder categorizes the nature of the therapy using ICD-10 codes when an insured patient receives treatment for a specific ailment and pays any appropriate copayment. The hospital or care facility then sends the care summary with ICD and Current Procedural Technology codes to the patient’s insurance company to determine what percentage of the treatment will be reimbursed by insurance and the patient will be billed for the balance.